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Innovate faster by empowering your people by using

the ekco builder to create applications.

Build with no-code.

ekco builder gives you the ability to create your own apps, dashboards or transform your business processes by using the no-code building blocks. No development assistance needed, you can directly start building your solution.

Explore the ekco builder features

Stimulate innovation

Stimulate innovation within your organization by empowering your workforce.

Reduce costs

No additional development capacity needed.

Implement mission processes

Gather data and create your monitoring solution for mission critical processes.

Improve Operational Excellence

By empowering business users to start building applications themselves, a no-code platform can make an organization more self-sufficient. 

Build apps for your clients

Create innovate solutions within your own company, without out-sourcing.

Build in a secure environment

The ekco builder platform adheres to the best practices of security.


Build faster and innovate with no-code.

With the ekco builder you can build apps without coding, in a secure environment while empowering your business owners.

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Why ekco builder platform?

Developers are needed now more than ever. Spend less time developing and more time pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Work smarter, not harder. A key component to ensure the success of citizen development is picking the right technology. IT needs to think through the needs of their organization and partner with the business to pick the technology and define the processes that will enable more people to build software the right way. The ekco builder platform is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a citizen development initiative.

What is no-code development?

As the name suggests, no-code application development is a method of building applications without having to write code. This is made possible by no-code platforms, such as the ekco builder, which enable builders to drag-and-drop pre-configured blocks to create advanced, enterprise-grade applications.

What are the top 3 benefits of building applications with the ekco builder?

Align business and IT No-code facilitates the ultimate partnership between business and IT, with both sides making the most of their unique skills and experience. Find out more in this short video featuring Forrester expert, John Rymer.

Bring products to market faster
The drag-and-drop functionality of no-code enables rapid prototyping, which in turn means products can be brought to market much faster than via traditional programming. Check out this webinar in which we pit a no-coder and a programmer against each other in a test of speed.

Enable citizen development
No one understands business processes and customers better than business-side employees. Including this unique insight in the software development process is invaluable. It's called citizen development and no code makes it possible.

To summarize, no code software is intended for enterprise organizations who are serious about building advanced solutions, who are innovation-focused, and who want to be leaders in their fields. It’s a means of addressing the challenges in using traditional development methods alone, and of adding new benefits and possibilities to the development process.

What is the business value of no-code development?

With visual development, one-click deployment, reusable components, and alignment with Agile methodologies, no-code development platforms, such as the ekco builder, allow development teams to build and deploy applications faster. This allows organizations to accelerate their time-to-market and increase IT output, all while optimizing IT productivity and increasing ROI.

Is any prior experience needed before building apps with the ekco builder?

What kind of apps can be build with the ekco builder?

You can build 3 kinds of applications with no-code software. Back-office (database) applications; Web applications; Mobile applications. Something about Living apps, Telematics and Tracking? All ekco builder applications are hosted and run 100% in the cloud.

How does no-code development compare to high-productivity aPaaS (hpaPaaS) and rapid application development (RAD)?

High productivity application platform as a service (hpaPaaS) is a term popularized by Gartner to categorize platforms that support declarative, model-driven design and one-click deployment. hpaPaaS solutions include rapid application development (RAD) capabilities along with application deployment and execution services in the cloud. Both hpaPaaS and low-code provide levels of abstraction with an integrated set of tools to accelerate application delivery. No-code development platforms facilitate the practical implementation of RAD with visual development capabilities to enable rapid, iterative, and collaborative application design. Business and IT are able to align on requirements through integrated project management tools modeled after Agile. Users can share prototypes to gather feedback and refine requirements, and reuse models and components.


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